Open Programmable Switched-Router Control Protocol








The rapid deployment of Internet technology has resulted in exponential growth in Internet application services (e.g., content hosting for data with web-based access, shared payroll applications, firewall-based security services, email and shared file services).

This has lead to an increasing demand to add new services to networks or to customize existing network services to match new application needs. However, the introduction of new network services in such complex, dynamic and heterogeneous environment is a challenging task and requires major advances to the approach commonly used to create, deploy, control and manage network services.

This project aims at developing open programmable switch control protocol and efficient Quality of Service (QoS) algorithms that will enable the rapid creation, deployment, control and management of network services in response to user demands and emerging network technologies. The main tasks to be conducted by this project are:

1) Development of Efficient Resource Control and Management Algorithms for providing QoS for IP switched- routers and IP network elements.

2) Development of an Open Programmable Switch Control Protocol, qGSMP-like (i.e. an extension to the qGSMP especially for IP-based switch).