Net_HPCC is a research toolkit for designing High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) systems and applications. This toolkit uses a framework to integrate various modeling techniques and provides the HPCC system designer with an in-depth analysis of the potential performance of the system. It provides a graphic interface that corresponds to the world view of the HPCC system designer, with icons that represent workstations, parallel computers, rings, buses, switches etc. The toolkit provides the capability for interactive analysis of system designs, ruling out trouble-prone configurations and identifying potential bottlenecks. 

The project is supported by a grant from Rome Laboratory and supervised by Dr. Salim Hariri and at College of Engineering and Mines, Department of ECE, University of Arizona,Tucson,Arizona. 

The toolkit is designed using Object-oriented technologies and implemented in Java . Java is an object oriented programming language optimized for distributed applications. Applications written in Java can migrate transparently over the internet accessible by anyone using a Java enabled browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape. 

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