PRAGMA: A Proactive & Reactive Grid Application Management Infrastructure for the Next Generation Simulations -- Research Activities  

Sponsored by NSF NGS program  


The overall goal of this research is to design, develop, evaluate and deploy PRAGMA, the next generation adaptive runtime infrastructure capable of reactively and proactively managing and optimizing application execution using current system and application state, predictive models for system behavior and application performance, and an agent based control network. This proposal is in collaboration with Manish Parashar at the State University of New Jersey at Rutgers . The overarching motivation for this research is to enable very large-scale, dynamically adaptive scientific and engineering simulations on widely distributed and highly heterogeneous and dynamic execution environments such as the computational "grid". Key research activities are outlined below. Note that the efforts have also leveraged support from the Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing (SsciDAC) Program of the DOE, grant number DE-FC02-01ER41184. This project is related to our Adaptive Fusion of Stochastic Information for Imaging Fractured Vadose Zones project.

This project is sponsored by NSF Gransts number 0431079