Senior Project for Spring 2002

Network Management & Control Automation


Aprisma’s SPECTRUM and HP’s OpenView are examples of currently used network management applications.  These programs are designed to simply gather information from a given network (i.e. network topology, performance, and user activity) and report all relevant events (i.e. network health status, errors, and performance degradation).  When an error occurs in the network these programs only notify the Administrator and do not alleviate the problem; overwhelming the Administrator.  As a result, the ability to effectively management a more complex network is diminished due to the numerous tasks that the Administrator must handle. 

Project Objective

The project objective was to develop a prototype application that automates network management tasks for a few network policies.  Network policies are rules, or standards, that an Administrator wants to maintain in the network.  These standards could apply to network attributes pertaining to the functional areas listed in the OSI networking management model, which include: Fault, Accounting, Configuration, Performance, and Security Management. Automated network policies were required to be created for two platforms: Windows, Unix (specifically tested and developed for Windows 2000 and RedHat Linux 7.3). As a result all code was written in Java to help achieve multi-platform compatability.

Policy Construction

There were two steps to building a policy.  The first involved getting information about the network (i.e. status, characteristics, event indicators), and the second was using this information to take Administrative steps to controlling the network (i.e. commonly used administrative commands/controls).  Once these were determined, a policy was programmed giving the Administrator active control of the policy settings or thresholds, and the ability to continuously run these policies (through a simple GUI). Both of these features allowed the Administrator to set and maintain personalized network standards, at the same time using an automated approach. These features afford the Administrator the similar controls as if they were actively managing the network in real time. The figure below shows a sample GUI for automated network policies created for RedHat Linux. 

AutoAdmin - a automated network administrator prototype


Follow the links below to see descriptions about all of the policies created.

Windows Policies

Unix Policies

Running the policies

After the polices have been set, the desired policy are checked and select start to run the policy(ies).  At any point, the Administrator is also able to stop the policy(ies) by clickin on 'Stop.'  Also, all network control activity caused by AutoAdmin is logged onto the Log tab.  All of these features are shown in the User Interface below.


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Project done by Jeremy Cohn and Jinwoo Kim