Wireless Communication Security in Industrial SCADA Systems

Longwall Mining


Vulnerabilities to SCADA systems are numerous; Cyber-attacks, malicious privileged insiders, operator error, equipment failure, etc. In order to protect data, insure reliable operation, and ultimately protect human life, these systems need a high degree of defense against multiple threat vectors. When a SCADA system is being designed and deployed, security and reliability need to be the primary concerns. Any of the possible threat vectors can cause equipment damage, incur economic losses, or even loss of life.

In Longwall mining a SCADA system serves many purposes including, but not limited to, data logging, face equipment control and integration, and equipment monitoring and diagnostics. FDI (Fault Detection and Identification) as implemented by SCADA could detect failing hydraulics on roof supports thus ensuring the safety of mine workers.

In this experiment a test bed will be created emulating the Longwall mining process. The devices used in the test bed will be controlled and monitored by a combination of RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) and PLCs (Programmable Logic Units) that communicate wirelessly.


Project Goals

  • Create a working model of the Longwall mining process.

  • Integrate this model with the SCADA testbed created in the ACIP project

  • Implement wireless communication between master and slave devices


Salim Hariri

Michael Comeau

Malaz Mallouhi

Hamid Alipour

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